Make Me a Muslim

ahmad is rethinking this post! 

As i was ever so bored the other day i decided to check out whats been featured on youtube, and something did catch my attention; a British documentary/reality TV show entitled “Make Me a Muslim!”

Now i have to admit i was quite curios about the nature of the show, i streamed it and i was like, OMG, they truly are trying anything to get people’s attention,

I am a muslim, who is quite proud to be, but the thing that got to me is, you cannot force Islam on someone in 3 weeks, it’s pretty hard to digest all of the stuff that you have to digest in such a short notice.

To brief you up, it mainly is the “Experiment” of 4 Muslim British Scholars, who pick a town in the UK, and mainly audition and ask around for anyone who is interested to be ON the show, he/she is required to follow the teachings of Islam for a whole 3 weeks. At first i thought no one would be interested, but surprisingly alot of people actually signed up.

Now, if you take me out of my comfort zone, and ask me to give up mostly every fun activity that i’ve been doing for lets say, all my life, i can’t help but to feel resentment, whether it was drinking, sex, or even my everyday clothing, its a BIG change people, and it doesn’t come easy. Imagine this, for someone who spent most of her adult life as a model, a special kind of model lets say, is asked to cover up from head to toe for 3 weeks, without actually giving her the abitlity to adjust, to think, and to absorb the teachings and logic behind the act of covering up, i don’t expect anything but resentment, its the most logical reaction to someone who came along knocking down all my walls and baring me naked of my entire surrondings.

For me, the path to Islam should be from within, it shouldn’t be forced, even if you want someone to just get the grips of the relegion by experiencing it first hand, you have to give them time to let it sink in, which doesn’t happen over-night, so here comes the question that i’ve been trying to answer? What is the point of such a show, is it truly to get people to appreciate the nature of our wonderful relegion, or to make a media circus out of the whole thing and get higher reviews, because if it was the first, i would have said it failed miserably, instead of getting people to appreciate, and understand, the point of view of islam, it probably made them resent it, and if it was the latter, then its such a shame that we’ve reached an age were we actually Feist our love and need of intrusion to people’s lives to such an extent that we actually need to create this bubble of nonsense to get a grip of realtiy, which doesn’t even seem close to…

if you are interested in learning more about the topic, type “Make Me a Muslim” on http://www.youtube.com


can you define LOVE?

its a question that i found myself asking quite often; can you define LOVE?

I dont believe i ever been in love, so this does come as a strange concept, not in the most common view of it, i mean to think of what LOVE truly is, can you put a definition to that?

A couple of weeks ago i brought this up with a friend, and i remember that what i thought LOVE was, its friendship with physical attraction, but then again, is that enough? coming to think of it, its not, not even by a fat chance, friendship ends, physical attraction dissolves, so whats left of it is what LOVE has to be , probably the feelings of belonging, that first person that comes to your mind whenever you are excited, sad, happy, or angry. Is that distinct feeling of wanting to have that person with you to share these moments, these memories…

I still look forward to falling in love, i may sound SAD, but i don’t think you can force it, since this is an expression thats ever often used, leaving it somehow meaningless in the whole, simply a patch to probably verify your identity, am still to find out.


Emperor Penguins, the Perfect Society?


I was just watching an episode of Planet Earth, which btw, is one fantastic series that i think everyone should watch (in addition to adding it to school libraries), there is this episode, called “Ice Worlds”, which features Emperor Penguins, and honestly, we can take a hint or two;

Organization, teamwork, and sharing

During the rough days of blizzards in the antarctic, after the mothers give birth and go to the sea to bring in food, the dad’s actually stay in and look after the eggs, they huddle in groups so tight together to keep the warmth, not only that, but they actually take turns so that everyone gets a chance to be in the warmest middle of the huddle.

Now i would love to see my brother giving up the coziest spot in the room for me in one of those winters (i wonder if i would ever do it for him aslan!)

And talk about dads babysitting, now thats something we can learn from.


It actually happens that some of the young penguin chicks are orphaned, i practically fell out of the chair laughing at this, the sense of motherhood is so strong in those penguin mothers that around 6 childless mothers were practically trying to catch the chick to mother it, and the cute little chick was terrified (actually alot of them get squashed as all the mothers dump there fat bodies on them when trying to catch it).

Well, we can probably learn something from here, aside from NOT running after “ewlad eljeran”, and “enno6 3alaihom”, is how important it is to actually care for the less fortunate and the less privileged around us (and there are alot of them).


The courtship that is formed by penguin couples is so strong that after more than 4 months of being away, the mothers actually call out for there male “husbands” in a special song that only he can relate to. Man thats deep.

Plus, those birds look like they’ve been taken out from a canvas, i mean look at those feathers, not one out of place!


Stressed out, and a pinch of Mr. Moore

Am usually the guy that gets himself in a whole lot of stuff that he cannot manage, whether its school, work and extra activities, or work and work. Anyhow, am currently on the verge of exploding. I have been doing these two jobs thing for almost a year and 3 months, and within the next week or so, my career path is to be decided, and the shitty thing is, am going to have to leave one of my 2 jobs, fa its a whole lot of crap.

I don’t think i was ever this stressed out in my life, its not the two jobs thing, its more of psychological stress, the feeling of being totally undecided, is brutal.

On another note, am trying to read again, its been a long time since i read something new, so i got my list ready, am currently halfway through Christopher Moore’s “The Stupidest Angel”, which is quite funny, ill probably review it if i ever have the time here.

I think i have Insomnia, or something, i always always bitch about not having enough time to sleep, and here comes the weekend, its 6.40 am and i still cannot sleep, am very much sleepy, but i cannot go to sleep, Eh!


Moi “_”

So, i actually made it through the whole process of getting a blog before actually falling asleep. So, mmm, Welcome to my Blog!

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